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Natural • Healthy • Life 


why choosing natural products?

Radiation can cause acute health effects such as skin burn and air pollution.


It can also result in Long term health effects. It also kill us by causing damage to our tissue quickly and hair loss problems.


So, a lot of people realised how  important to choose some natural product to protect us. But organic products is high-priced and make people consider a lot before trying it.

Natural • Healthy • Life 


why choosing              products?

MODOS series is natural and healthy

It with green tea extract as main ingredient.Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet.there are potassium, calcium, phosphorus,magnesium,zinc, copper ,vitamin E and vitamin all very good for hair mineral.

Green tea essential oil  lower testosterone and removes DHT build-up which is

                                                                      one of the key causes of hair loss.
 1. Relief hair problems 
2. Keep hair health 
3. Balances oil production 
4. Strengthen hair follicles 
5. Prevent hair loss
6. Improve  scalp metabolism 
7. Promote hair growth



Our scalp and everything that goes with it is like having a garden in our own backyard. Our skin or scalp as the soil. Hair is just the plants


scalp vs hair 

Common hair problems that we met:


- Hair loss
- Dry hair
- Split end
- Oily and greasy hair

Hair begin growing from a root in the bottom of the follicles.
Where is the problems come from? Is your hair trying to tell you something about your health?

"Healthy scalp to grow better hair
Better hair to make a pretty hairstyle"